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Carlos C Rosario (crosarioc@gmail.com)
Datum:Mo 23 Jan 2017 04:55:32 CET
Betreff:35mm Preset f22 AR Mount Lens

Hello, I just purchased this lens online. It is probably very rare since I cannot find any mention of a 35mm preset lens with an AR mount. The lens also has 12 aperture blades.

Webmaster's reply:

Dear Carlos, you are right, the 35 / 2.8 Pre-Set is not a common lens. But it exists, I have one myself. I've seen it listed in some old Autoreflex T brochure alongside the Auto version and if I remember correctly, it has the same optical formula as the Auto version, but I'm not 100%26 sure about that and cannot find the brochure right now.

Pre-Set lenses for the AR bayonet were not all that uncommon, however. There were quire a few in the early days of the AR bayonet system:
- 28 / 3.5 (different optical formula as the Auto version)
- 135 / 3.5
- 200 / 3.5 (different optical formula as the Auto version)
- 200 / 5.6 (Pre-Set only, no Auto version)
- 70-230 / 4.5 (Pre-Set only, no Auto version)

The 400 / 4.5 and 800 / 8 did not even have Pre-Set, but manual aperture only.

The 35 / 2.8 was available in both Pre-Set and Auto versions for the earlier F bayonet as well.



Felix K (felix.a.kuhn@gmail.com)
Datum:Mi 18 Jan 2017 21:16:22 CET
Betreff:E-Mail so korrekt

Hatte die e-mail-adresse falsch geschrieben...


Felix K (felox.a.kuhn@gmail.com)
Datum:Mi 18 Jan 2017 21:14:30 CET
Betreff:Autoreflex T

Danke für die tolle Seite mit den vielen Infos. Ich habe bei meinen Eltern die Autoreflex T mit diversen Objektiven, Zwischenringen und Filtern mitgenommen. Ich hatte Sie schon als Teenager brauchen dürfen.
Ich freue mich auf den ersten Einsatz.
Bitte diese Seite weiter pflegen.

Felix K


geoff.radnor (geoff.radnor@bell.net)
Datum:Mi 14 Dez 2016 01:50:19 CET
Betreff:55mm Macro Hexanon

I am looking at a 55mm Macro Hexanon at a very, very attractive price. What body would be the best to use with this lens? All suggestions welcome.

Webmaster's answer:
That's more a question of personal taste than anything else. Personally, I prefer the T3N, but the 55 Macro will work just as well with a TC, T4, or any of the electronic FS-1, FC-1 or FT-1.


Jason (bbp1030@gmail.com)
Datum:Di 01 Nov 2016 15:27:06 CET
Betreff:Excellent site

I have been looking into some vintage lenses for my Sony a6000 and wasn’t sure what kind of adapter I should buy and I only want one system. After some research and finding your site I’m going with Konica Hexanon AR lenses. Thank you for all the info you’ve provided it’s awesome! You’ve done a lot of work and it’s well worth it.
I’m starting with the KH 50mm 1.7 EE version and the 135mm 3.2. I really love your reviews.


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